Estd 2013


Are you living in Switzerland and like to program in Ruby? Are you looking for like-minded people to exchange ideas, engage in projects or just to have a beer? Look no further, Ruvetia is the place to meet them.

We are a group of Developers looking to build a Swiss-wide community of Rubyists. Join the movement and attend our next meetup. Let your colleagues know about Ruvetia and if you want to bring Ruvetia to your city feel free to drop us a note.

Currently we will be communicating everything through the Google Group so make sure to subscribe.

Feel free to drop us an Email if you want to get in contact with the organisers.

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Meet the Team
  • Yves Senn

    Yves started experimenting with Ruby in late 2007. Since then he worked on medium to large scale Rails applications with a strong focus on automated testing. He is a Rails committer and works on other Open Source projects like spring and queue_classic.

  • Rodrigo Haenggi

    Rodrigo loves all things japanese - Ruby coming in on place three in his list, right after Anime and Matcha Tea. He has been programming since 2004, but only got really passionate about it after discovering Ruby and its wonderful community. He also loves whiskey, and what could be better than sharing a few drinks with fellow Rubyists? J-pop, maybe?

  • Daniel Puglisi

    Fascinated by Ruby's english like syntax, the Rails Framework and the awesome community behind it, Daniel decided to put Ruby into his design and programming toolbox. Ruvetia is his attempt to make Ruby more fundamental and popular in Switzerland and to spread the love about this beautiful programming language and its extraordinary people behind it.

  • Kaspar Schiess

    Kaspar has found Ruby in 2003 and since then told everyone who would listen about it. Working hard to promote the language as general purpose programming language, he likes to take a pick at Rails, but only in jest. Take a look at his box of gems on github and be delighted by the useful and the obscure.

  • Ferdinand Niedermann

    Ferdinand got started with Ruby and Rails during his time at the University of Basel. He was soon amazed by the helpful and very active community around Ruby and worked at different companies to apply his Rails knowledge.

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